A storm constructed from the winds of the immortals.

Shattering from the sky like glitter, entering the skin of mother earth.

A primordial awakening seeps through the roots,

sprouting a creature, robed in a silhouette with

dogmatic virtues. Unsure of the purpose of oneself,

Fed by spoon

the knowledge of the divine.


worshiped, conceived throughout the history of time.

A chalice filled with vital fluid, a symbolic birth of lies fills the eyes.

Partake in the masquerade,

drink it, allow it to enter your veins.

Open the floodgates, let the torrential downpour of tears

spark the heartbeat that lies beneath. Create the imagination, activate the genius.

Manipulate the disguise, a false design shattered, only by the intellectual mind.

The untamed creation of the human reign, let us rise.