Hard to pin us down, an interloper built for one cause,

to disrupt all the visions that we stir around.

Rip the motivation from our skins, mix it up in a pot.

A stew blended with just numbers,

throw them in, brains, limbs, and all.

We’re not using the knowledge,

so let us pay to devolve.

Sinking deeper into the ground from which we came.

Once a mystical entity, now a puddle of disgust.

Mixing in with the rain, and rust.

No longer recognizable, no longer do we possess trust.

Inspirations and morals dissipate in the vapor,

vanishing into dust.

A name not worthy to remember,

a story never to be told.

An idea we can’t fathom,

a sinister manipulator we can’t tame.

A distortion of our dreams,

something so vain.

Creating an algorithm of words,

creating a tale of reason.

Leaving something stranded to ponder,

while wandering in the chaos,

reminiscing in the mind.

A creature seasoned,



old………out of time