A reverie, to say the least,

a darkness perpetrated by beliefs.

I envision the entrance, a cold whistle screams adventure.

Entering the mouth of the beast, my calloused hands, my fragile tips,

brushing against the ceiling, caressing and corrupting the structure,

disappearing deeper from destruction.

This grimace upon the face, this terror protruding within the gut,

an agony to be replaced,

once escaped, courage will flourish.

Expanding the vessel,

vomiting to emptiness, given room to proceed,

phosphorescent hues exploding through my dreams.

Reaching the cusp, I gather my strength,

placed upon my scalp, a diadem to show defeat,

unworthy, fruitless scavengers, left to retreat.

Broken, a shattered age, misguided and abused, nothing to lose.

Words ring true, guidance for those envious of power,

wake from endless lies,

enter into an abyss, never to return,

abandoned dark tunnel.