A continuity of effortless mannerisms,

       a cusp connected to the plague.

       Zombies developing in the desolate plains,

       roaming through streets,

       implementing a quietus to civil beasts.

              Fragile eyes fall upon cries,

              the beggars fighting through darkness,

              waiting for refuge, waiting to be rescued.

              A cataclysmic rupture awakes,

              provoking the urge to participate,

              consumed by chaos, left behind to imitate.

      Invoking subtle voices,

      calling from a distance, caressing layers,

      penetrating deeper through the shell.

      A seed of knowledge planted, exfoliating the mind

      an epoch of change, a doorway opened, a passage granted,

      a new reign.

              Sprouting directly through me,

              a nuance shatters geriatric existences,

              forcing drastic redirection,

              conspiring an outburst, breaking the cocoon,

              learning to levitate, traveling the universe,

              vanishing from the ocean of lies.